Tivoli Holiday Village H


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Located on National Highway-8 and spread over an area of 7.78 acres ,the complex consists of five high-rise buildings, villas, a club and a golf course. The Holiday village accomodates a 624 luxurious residential units: 120 studio apartments, 52 one-bedroom apartments, 104 two-bedroom apartments, 52 three-bedroom apartments and 30 pent houses.

A variety of community spaces have been designed to complement a residential environment. These spaces t include a pedestrian circulation into the buildings, a circumventing pathway for walks and bicycle rides, and a variety of facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pool, and a plaza at the centre.

Every effort was put into creating a residential space with proper scale and character. The complex also has detailed landscape planning with a wide entry plaza and a canopy, that adds contrast to the overall design and increases visual transaprency.

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