The Millenium Mall

Bhatinda, Punjab

HBN Homes and Colonizers

The Millenium Mall is a retail and entertainment centre that engages with the changing urban demographics. The center features departmental stores, food and shopping court with open views. These facilities are supplemented by a business hotel, with conference hall, banquets and multiple restaurants.

The highlight of the centre is the "pixel"- an extensive undulating and luminous glass mural that wraps around the fa├žade. This dynamic feature forms the connection between the overlooking street and the building, becoming a point of visual identification for the community.

The pixel functions as a large sculpture producing a dynamic composition and at the same time accommodating retail units in a very lively manner. The ground floor units open out directly to the outer streets(complete with the sidewalk treatment), the retail units in the top floors are veiled behind the fluid "pixel".

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