PSG City -H


PSG Developers & Engineers

PSG City is a proposed township located in Manesar, sprawling across 900 acres. A multi-pronged project, it comprises of a five-star hotel, a shopping mall, cyber park, plotted developments and group housing.

The main gate is designed to ease the movement of traffic at the same providing safe access to the complex. This clear traffic circulation ensures comfortable pedestrian circulation and smooth flow of traffic in and out of the complex .

The housing towers, accommodate a variety of bedroom units, ranging from of two to five . specifically designed to be in tune with the urban conditions of the site and encourages rich and serene living. Each unit has a unique space system and allows for a rich and serene living experience. The complex uses rich yet subtle pastel colour palette on the façade in view of the harmony between the buildings and the surrounding skyline. A key architectural feature here is the ‘procession’, juxtaposed over the sequence of spaces both in plan and section, thereby inducing a sense of movement choreographed to amplify the rhythm and spaces of the architecture.

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