Magnum Global Park

Sec 58, Gurgaon

Intex Group

The Intex Office Complex in Sector 58, Gurgaon, has been conceptualized with a strong green conscience with the result being an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable building. It has two clearly identifiable parts – an office tower and a retail block. The design incorporates concepts of construction that work with nature to maximize energy conservation, rather than trying to go against nature.

It is strategically located on the Gurgaon-Faridabad highway with easy accessibility and proximity to upcoming high-end projects making it a much sought-after office-cum-retail address.

Perpendicular to the main highway, this building has a marked presence. The two parts of the complex – the Tower Core and Shell and the Commercial and Retail Interior combine sustainability and aesthetics. The total plot area is 5.8 acres. The permitted ground coverage is 40 per cent, but the design proposes usage of only 24.21 per cent. A series of open and semi-open spaces incorporated in the design reveal the energy efficient concept throughout. Every feature falls in with this basic ideology allowing it to subliminally drive the message of being environmentally responsible in every aspect of this modern office-cum-retail space. An impressive visual impact is created by the building when viewed from the main highway.

Its active energy efficiency concept is evident everywhere, starting with the way it is positioned. Before fixing the positioning of the building, a detailed study was conducted of the path of the sun round the year. It was then decided that the orientation of the towers should be north-south. This means that no part of the building is directly perpendicular to the direct sun at any time of the year. The benefit of this is that it reduces the heat gained from the sun, creating thermal insulation and in turn resulting in a lower air-conditioning cost.

Along with this, steps have been taken to harness the power of the sun. Photovoltaic panels on the fenestrations will harness solar energy leading to the building’s sustainability. The office tower faces North-South and the impact of the sun on the part of the building curving towards the sun is offset with a shaded perimeter of structured railings and terraces. This also ensures optimum, diffused lighting throughout the building and also creates cellular offices with an expansive view.

Another exciting feature of the building is the creation of a series of terraces. These projections and shaded balconies become climatic buffer zones. They perform the dual function of insulating the building and also reducing energy consumption. The combined impact of features like the shaded exterior, the air cavity construction and the green terraces create an island of green in an otherwise concretized general area. Aesthetically, the green terraces at considerable height from ground level will become oases of freshness. These design features aim to create an environment where the future tenants can take the green features incorporated in the design forward in a synergized manner rather than be hindered by them.

Making use of the force of wind rather than trying to work around it or fight it, the convex facade of the building has been turned into the prevailing wind. This means that the structural load of the building is reduced which in turn saves the amount of steel required in the grid.

All these features create a green benchmark for the building when it comes to future tenants. They can certify their space as a green interior. The benefits for the tenants are that they can work in healthy, productive spaces. The space is also cost-effective to operate and maintain and most important, they can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

Apart from the actual building, even the landscaping incorporates the fundamentals of environmental conservation. The grass steps and mounds create visual breaks while offering an inclusive public space in the entrance area. The street furniture, sculptures and water features complement the building and provide welcoming spaces for the use of the staff and visitors.

The complex offers external facilities like multi-level parking. The projected parking is for 1442 cars below ground and 144 on the surface. The design accounts for parking 1452 cars using a combination of basement stacked parking, multilevel parking and surface parking. Open air interactive plazas welcome visitors and staff. The green terraces are havens of relief in today’s urban jungles. Hospitality is adequately catered for with a sky lounge, roof top restaurants and food courts.

The interiors include a grand entrance lobby for the entire complex. There are several interactive internal sub lobbies for the use of staff and visitors. Each different level can have exclusive reception lobbies. The individual workspaces have been conceptualized to be conducive to efficient productivity with flexible work desks, ergonomic furniture and relaxing breakout spaces. Brainstorming and interactions can be facilitated in conference and meeting rooms. Well laid out and equipped leisure and fitness zones have been incorporated for greater employee engagement.

Another unique feature of the building is the provision of a helipad that can be used for movement of senior management without having to focus on erratic surface traffic movement.

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