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Sec 83, NH 8, New Gurgaon

Orris Infrastructure

Floreal Towers from the house of Orris is New Gurgaon’s very first ‘green’ business and retail destination which offers energy-efficient buildings for an effective and productive work environment .

It has been built according to the guidelines of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), an international green building rating system with over 50% of the area left as green open space, and architecture that supports a healthy, sustainable and value-creating environment.

The objective was to develop a high quality office cum retail building, applying sustainable development principles in a practical, well planned and cost effective manner. Floreal Towers’ excellent indoor and outdoor design facilitates the occupants’ productivity. Its operation and maintenance needs, featuring a facility which can be easily maintained and secured has the lowest possible utility and maintenance costs. It also offers maximum energy savings with minimum environmental impact.

Floreal Tower is located on Sector-83, National Highway(NH-8), New Gurgaon, right on the Delhi-Jaipur expressway and offers unbeatable connectivity.

Situated between Gurgaon and Manesar it is well connected with three highways-NH8, Kundli-Manesar–Palwal Expressway and Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway- as well as the RailwayStation and the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is just 3 kms from the proposed metro station and the Inter State bus terminal (ISBT) in New Gurgaon.

With a dozen integrated prime residential project proposals on the anvil near the project, the site is set to attract a high net worth of individuals.

Floreal Towers adheres strictly to climate- responsive architecture, energy efficient buildings, a healthy work environment, sustainable water management and use of eco friendly materials. It is also designed for extra space in terms of providing separate towers for both and office building and retail space in the same vicinity.

The building façade is dynamic, extending a feel of constant movement. With a design purpose to create a feeling of atmosphere and scale, a relaxed feeling of space is perfectly complemented by the energy of vibrant commercial activity.

The office and retail spaces have been designed to ensure ease of movement and promote an efficient and constructive work environment. Besides sharing features like multi-level basement parking, gymnasiums, spas and open air restaurants, the development also showcases beautiful landscaped parks and intricately designed paved pathways. The two towers housing office and retail spaces have been built on the same principles of environment sustainability and each exists without encroaching on the other.

The Project is spread across 7 acres (approx) with 5 lakh sq. ft. (approx.) of retail and office space. The office space is spread of over 3.4 lakh sq.ft and designed for efficient space and performance while the Retail space is housed in a separate tower of approximately 1.3 lakh sq.ft. It also has a spacious food court spread across about 60,000 sq ft. Over 50% of the area has been left as green open spaces, with a 6000 sq. ft. landscaped park.

Sustainability, energy conservation, use of renewable energy and innovation anchor the architectural palette of the buildings.

A central green courtyard acts as a microclimate generator that reduces energy consumption. High efficiency lighting with electronic ballasts, motion sensor lighting, minimum night sky pollution ensure that the towers have substantial energy savings vis-a vis conventional buildings.

The office tower is designed in a climate responsive manner wherein the architecture allows for maximum utilization of natural daylight. The building orientation has been planned for optimum solar conditions and natural ventilation. Use of natural light is maximized with a window to wall ratio of 55%, leading to reduced consumption of energy during the day time. Well insulated walls and roof minimize heat gain.

This is further enhanced by structural glazing towards the Northeast side of the site. The use of high specification double glazed units permit “daylight harvesting” to minimize electric lighting usage .Further, high efficiency lighting, reduces lighting power densities by 25% to 35%.

Eco friendly construction practices have been adhered to throughout the development phase.

Floreal Tower uses eco-friendly, recyclable material, like gypsum ceiling, glass, MDF, and reclaimed wood and bamboo flooring in keeping with the principle of sourcing and using local raw materials. Prevention of moisture intrusion is a high-priority goal. Solar transmission is controlled via high performance, lowest e glazing overhangs and external shading.

Autoconclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) Blocks simultaneously provides structure, insulation, and fire- and mold-resistance. It offers several significant advantages over other cement construction materials, one of the most important being its lower environmental impact and its high sustainability. Its improved thermal efficiency reduces the heating and cooling load in buildings, its porous structure allows for superior fire resistance also for accurate cutting, which minimizes the generation of solid waste during use. Being light weight, it saves cost & energy in transportation, and increases chances of survival during seismic activity.

Reduction in water use is a salient sustainability feature of the project. It is a Zero discharge building that recycles sewage waste and solar water heating, drip irrigation and storm water management. Landscaping and rooftops incorporate rainwater harvesting for groundwater recharge.

An innovative waste collection and segregation system is in place for the building where all forms of waste are collected in a designated waste yard for segregation at source. Recyclable materials, e-waste and organic waste are collected by individuals vendors for further processing thereby diverting them from the landfill. Over 90% of construction waste is used on- site. Over 90% of organic waste is reused in green areas post- construction.

During construction, care has been ensured that minimization of construction related contamination is done, via control of moisture, dust, regular cleaning activities, and protection of delivered equipment and material before and after installation.

Both the buildings have Multi-level basement parking facility, with parking for over 100 cars. There is also ample space to de-stress and relax with health zones like a club and spa, a gymnasium and an open air restaurant.

There are separate entrances for the offices & retail block. Well furnished lobbies, elegant washrooms and a massive central atrium showered with natural light mark the design of the towers. Futuristic fittings and fixtures make for optimum utilization of space.

In addition both  towers have features like central air-conditioning, innovative technology like CO2 sensors to add fresh air on demand and 3M mats for indoor pollutant source control. It also has 100% power back-up, 24X7 security surveillance cameras, Hi-speed elevators, Quality facility management system, Provisioning of V-sat and Fire safety as per international standards and the use of flame retardant material in the construction.

Selection of materials and detailing of envelope systems allow the building to withstand weather conditions typical of Gurgaon and present aesthetics consistent with the area where the facility has be constructed. The External façade cladding is a Combination of glass curtain wall, aluminum panel and stone, while the Atrium and entrance lobby floors are clad in Italian marble and Granite. A Flat Slab Design follows the prescribed structural design for Seismic Zone IV and structural stability.

Floreal towers is a unique project that blends a hybrid of urban and ‘natural’ spaces combined with a successful, eco-friendly, sustainable design model for anchoring a newly developing region of Gurgaon.

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